This is what I think about that.

Friendships are about freedom!
Friendships with conditional boundaries are about bondage if your inside the friendship box looking out at them. It”s control if you are outside the friendship box looking in at them.
Many people have encapsulate

themselves with walls of religious non biblical rules.
When a person sets them self in a box, they have become all they will ever be for God. Never venturing out of the box that grows smaller and smaller with every added rule. They think they are where it is safe, not realizing that the box is becoming their coffin! Like chickens in a chicken coup, it’s a self imposed prison with all the other chickens they can gather around themself, doing nothing more then trying to keep from being eaten or offended in some way.
They are so afraid of breaking any self imposed rules, that they lose sight of the tens of thousands of things God has for them in His kingdom! All the while condemning any and all outside the box who don’t live, walk, talk or worship exactly the way they do inside their box.(Luke 18: 8-9)
So my question is: Are they really serving God? Or enslaved to the rules. Are they even saved? Our relationship with God is not based on what we don’t do for him, rather what we are in Him (Matt 7: 21-24). We rule from our position, NOT or condition! So do they really know Him?! Do they have a one on one personal friendship with the King?. Or are they just living a nice Christian life style with out a real relationship with Father God!
These people will never know, see nor feel what the Eagle experiences buy flying into the storm. Letting it push him to untold and unimaginable heights, living the way God destined him to live, out side the box!
Taking risks, putting your faith on the line, that is what your relationship with Christ is all about. Not to be cooped up with the can’t do’s, but to live in the can do’s!!! Even the apostle Paul made mistakes. He leaned on Gods grace and keeped moving forward for the high call, running the race to win.
If your afraid of falling down you will never know what it is to run.

Just a thought..

Live by relationship, not religion!
Religion has sent more great men and women of the Kingdom to spiritual graves then any other force in the church today! In other words: DON”T  TELL me your my friend, SHOW me!
Example: That means when you don’t agree with me you still talk to me! Religion says I am right and you are wrong, so suffer. Jesus walked, talked and touched the sick and sinner alike. That is the Kingdom, that is how people fell in love (relationship) with him. The only condemning word Jesus ever spook was to the religious people, not the sinner!!!
Just a though