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Homeward »

Its 330 am, not much sleep has come. We raise out of bed to 11 degrees to prepare to go to the airport. With a 6am flight looming ahead, our hearts are happy but our bodies feel the dread. With a week so full of fun and joy, the sorrow set in as we leave […]


There is but one God and Jehovah is His name!! Yeshua hamashia is His ONLY son!! My King, My Savior, My Friend!!

Selfishness »

To many times we as Christians are always looking to the next place or new level with God. NEVER taking the time to enjoy or recognize that we are right where God wants us to be, right now, at this time, with these people. In turn, We miss the lessons He is trying to teach […]

Near and far »

I travel near and I travel far, but the best travel of all is when my soulmate sets beside with me through it all. Not just a plane or a car, but this vehicle called life that takes us so far. Kids and gand kids are the mile makers of our life, watching them grow […]