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There is but one God and Jehovah is His name!! Yeshua hamashia is His ONLY son!! My King, My Savior, My Friend!!

Religion – Fears back door to your life. »

Religion- fears back door into the life of the believer.          Religion brings rules, which sets presidence over the people. The people then start focusing on what they Do or Dont do for you as the leaders. You inadvertently take there foucus off of God and they start foucusing on you. People become more concerned […]

True face! »

A true leader dose not care how he looks, he makes sure those around him around him look good!

My phone »

You wake of a day and frown at your phone, not knowing if todays news will bring chills to the bone. You push it and poke to wake it up, hoping that this days news won’t make you throw up. With intrepidation and hope of news you grab it so thight, you look at the […]