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A loyalty dilemma »

American Airlines, Here is a few words from a frequent flyer that has been traveling for 20 years on several airlines. Your airline the past 10 years. It is frustrating that we have come to the point that you AA and the other airlines continually beg us executives to be loyal, commit to one airline, […]


Somebody asked me last week, “why we do not see signs and wonders of biblical proportions in the United States”?      Good question, I said!!. That night when I went to bed, Father and I had a discussion and I asked: “Why do we not see these great things like in the old and New […]


I get so tired of all these weak minded people sending me posts that if I don’t feel bad about some random picture of hardship of an animal or person ,and telling me that if I don’t like it and repost it that I dont really care.. let me tell you “STOP being a weak […]