DAY SIX Kenya Conference

James miller, Lawrence Radin

We started the day with chai and deep fellowship about the things God is doing and wants to do here. Then we drove by Matatu to sidindi and from there mounted 3 trusty border borbers and off in the bush we went. 15 minutes latter we where dropped at the church we will be teaching at on Monday. We then walked on some of the most beautiful trails  I have ever seen. We meet the friendliest people washing clothes in the streams and watering cattle. I have come to love the name MAZUNGU kswiahle for white man. I would compare this place to the closest thing to garden of Eden.
We ate some of the sweetest bananas and sweet potatoes like I have never seen in the states. The rural folk made us feel as if we were long lost family. I think we have found a place in heaven. I think I have LUO BLOOD in me now.

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