DestinyUth partners with JFWC

Sunday, Nov 7th, DestinyUth Ministries partnered with JFWC to assist in Mens Ministries, with Director Reggie Powers.

We will be hosting a small group, as we walk through the teachings of “Wild at Heart” by John Eldredge. This is a great time for men to learn how to be the Prince to their wife, ┬áthe Hero to their children. Bringing back the dreams of greatness we once had when we were young.

This Book five years ago impacted my life personally. It was a time when I hated the world and everyone in it. Especially church people. It has helped me to know what it is to be a real Godly man. Through it God has restored relationships that I thought were lost forever, and a ministry I felt was gone.

It has helped me to love my wife and children even more. By becoming the husband and dad they always wanted. Join us for this great time in the word. It will help you grow… are YOU man enough???

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