Its 330 am, not much sleep has come. We raise out of bed to 11 degrees to prepare to go to the airport. With a 6am flight looming ahead, our hearts are happy but our bodies feel the dread. With a week so full of fun and joy, the sorrow set in as we leave family behind. We will miss the “Mom and Dad” the “Memaw and Papaw” but the memories that were made will bide us for now as we plan and plod for the next family pow wow. Days are short and nights even longer, but me and momma grow ever stronger.

A loyalty dilemma

American Airlines,
Here is a few words from a frequent flyer that has been traveling for 20 years on several airlines. Your airline the past 10 years.
It is frustrating that we have come to the point that you AA and the other airlines continually beg us executives to be loyal, commit to one airline, to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars of our hard earned money every year to buy your airline tickets. With the promise of loyalty, that we might enjoy some of the lapse of luxury aboard your airlines to make our travel a little more tolerable.
We spend half our lives sitting in your planes, sitting in your airports, eating fast food and even eating at your specified restaurants for miles and points. But when the time comes for return loyalty it does not seem to happen. When we go all year long doing all we can do and are asked, and come to the close of the calendar year hoping that we’ve made the miles and all of the segments. Only to find that we are one segment short of 120 segments, one segment short! So we call our respective desk asking for any help that there might be, short of taking out a second mortgage on our home, that we should not be taken away from our families anymore than we have to. We are met with a resounding “there is nothing we can do”, excuse me!!!, having spent hundreds of thousands of dollars thousands and thousands of hours in your planes and airports and all I ask is for HELP with one segment, and there’s nothing you can do for me.
I know I’m not the only traveler that has been here and I will not be the last, but it seems to me that this is a very one-sided loyalty program. Many times we pay more just to fly your airline to stay loyal instead of buying the cheaper ticket on another airline to save money back in our pockets and this is how we are treated.
Maybe it’s time we the traveler’s  started rethinking our loyalty program! A travelers loyalty program! I know in business loyalty is a two way street. This feels like we are going down a one way road and all the work is on our side of this loyalty program. These are just my thoughts but I know I’m not alone!
Thanks for your loyalty!

Nervous day!

This is one of those days. With all the things happening around the world and in our own country, my day starts like this…

       Get to the airport, walk to the waiting area, three people in full Burkas. They are eyeballing everyone getting on the plane and 6 guys with then.
       Get to TSA, 4 of the six are stopped with large amounts of liquid in their carry on’s. TSA makes them put in check bags. They argue that is is nothing. TSA dose not give in (good job Joplin TSA).
Even in my little town of Joplin this
       They get through TSA and jump on their phones as if complaining or debriefing with some one on the security here!?!?
       This is America!! Show your face or get of the plane. Its not a religious thing, is security thing. Deal with it..
We may be playing Cowboys and muslims soon..
Just sayin.


There is but one God and Jehovah is His name!!
Yeshua hamashia is His ONLY son!!
My King, My Savior, My Friend!!


Somebody asked me last week, “why we do not see signs and wonders of biblical proportions in the United States”?
     Good question, I said!!. That night when I went to bed, Father and I had a discussion and I asked: “Why do we not see these great things like in the old and New Testament”? Father answered back to me with this verse ” raise a child in the ways that they should go and when they grow older they will not depart from them”. And we have done exactly that!!
     We have raised generations of religious, parasitical, spiritual off spring, that tried to base God’s moves on what they do and DONT do and who we think we are.
   In my opinion, This verse has been quoted for generations in a positive tense, but has now become the very indictment to the church today. When that is absolutely what we have done.
     What we do has nothing to do with how God moves!! He moves in spite of us. God’s power is not based on what we do or who we are, but on who HE is and what HE wants to do threw us.
So the next time you tell some one that they are not good enough for God to use them, remember His greatest miracles came through murderers, adulterers and and sinners alike. When did He ever use one of the Pharisees or Sadducees, the religious people of His day!?
Just sayin!


I get so tired of all these weak minded people sending me posts that if I don’t feel bad about some random picture of hardship of an animal or person ,and telling me that if I don’t like it and repost it that I dont really care.. let me tell you “STOP being a weak minded, ignorant fool” Your letting some one control you through emotions..WAKE UP!. What’s even worse is that Christians have fallen into this same crap!!! and say if I don’t repost some parasitical religious crap, that I dont really love god. Yes i used a small g. My God (BIG G) dose not base his love for me on some dumb ass post, that I like or Dont like!!!. Your god might, but not my GOD…. So my word to any one propagating these things… grow up!!. Plus who do you thing you are trying to tell people they do or Dont love God?!?! Really….. That’s exactly what the religious people of Jesus day did, and we know what He had to say about then…
Just sayin!


To many times we as Christians are always looking to the next place or new level with God. NEVER taking the time to enjoy or recognize that we are right where God wants us to be, right now, at this time, with these people. In turn, We miss the lessons He is trying to teach us, and don’t learn, nor acquire the wisdom that God wanted us to learn. That wisdom from walking through that time to help hold us in the next level or place with God.
Then when we fail at the next place or level we blame God!  When it was our fault for racing through the process and learning nothing. Stop blaming God for your selfishness.
Just sayin!?

Religion – Fears back door to your life.

Religion- fears back door into the life of the believer.

         Religion brings rules, which sets presidence over the people.
The people then start focusing on what they Do or Dont do for you as the leaders. You inadvertently take there foucus off of God and they start foucusing on you.
People become more concerned about what you the leaders or other church people think and become FEARFULL of upsetting or failing you.
         Fearfull of what others think about them, fearfull of weather the leaders would approve of what they are doing or not doing.
Fearfull that they have offended someone with what they have said or not said.
          God did not give us a spirit off fear, but Love, power and a sound mind.
Fear is not of God, but from the enemy,  so why do we rule thru fear instead of leading by relationship thru Christ??????
Religion makes Rulers, relationship builds leaders
Just sayin.

The trail

The day started as every day before, loading trucks all night tired and sore. We watch the dawn for the semi side knowing soon I will end this 3 week ride. From the south to the Northwoods and back Midwest, soon my head will be at rest. My bed my own soon will come and see my sweetheart for some over dew fun. Just a short drive from OK to DFW and off on wings to my home I go.

True face!

A true leader dose not care how he looks, he makes sure those around him around him look good!