Near and far

I travel near and I travel far, but the best travel of all is when my soulmate sets beside with me through it all. Not just a plane or a car, but this vehicle called life that takes us so far.
Kids and gand kids are the mile makers of our life, watching them grow as they live out their lives. Sometimes the same road but many times apart, knowing that no matter the miles they are always in our heart.  We have our rest stops, our detours and construction zones for sure but the fact of the matter is we do it with joy. The joy that when we look we are side by side, I know we can travel anywhere, WOW what a ride!!!

My phone

You wake of a day and frown at your phone, not knowing if todays news will bring chills to the bone. You push it and poke to wake it up, hoping that this days news won’t make you throw up. With intrepidation and hope of news you grab it so thight, you look at the screen with a wentz and fright . Then With joy and relief you thank God most high, you see your family is all safe for the night.

For the last month most every morning has been grim, but with Father’s help I still keep my grin! Life can and will get ruff, but it’s our faith in Jesus that makes us very tuff! So when you think it would be better to just let go, it is the things you go thru that make you so.

Pain and hurt feels like a bottomless pit, but Father’s love fills deep to the soul. That poke and push you you feel is God calling to say “I GOT THIS” So hold His hand and follow His plan, then no matter what the phone says you can stand!

Test my PBR life

i work hard

Updated website

Check out our updated website See the new “This is what I think about that” page. And “MY PBR Life”

Its going to be a great ride!!

My walk, not yours.

Going to church is about relationship with fellow believes, to encourage each other in your personal walk with God. Like having a work out buddy. You do fine on your own, but you excel when some one is there to help you. Thats why Jesus sent the disciples out in pairs and not alone… You are stronger together, then you are solo.

Latest NEWS!

DestinyUth donates a 12 passanger van to Water Gardens, a Ministry to the street people and homeless of Joplin. We believe sowing good seed into good soil… Praise God!

Day two

Day two started out very rainy. We put on our rain coats an off to the ruff for ministry. In the first session We talked about change and that it was the first thing that happens when you start to influence people, you plant the seeds of change. The next session we talked about problem solving. How to deal with task issues and people issues. We than had a hood lunch and back for a very insightful Q&A time. God is realy molding this group of pastor together to form a leadership base and covering. Praise God…one more day tomorrow and then we give out the bible that Joplin Family worship center gave for. By for now.

sikalame training

What a wonderful and amazing day. Our first day session was a powerful time as the pastors soaked up the teaching like sponges. Helping brake decades of religious bondage. God is building great relationship with wonderful men, hungry to each there people. They became so excited when they knew we were giving Bibles as seed from our church Joplin Family Worship Center as seed into their ministry. They know now that some one loves them from a land far away and cares about them. We are looking forward to tomorrow to take they even deeper into the things of God and a pathway to Unity for the kingdom.

DAY SIX Kenya Conference

James miller, Lawrence Radin

We started the day with chai and deep fellowship about the things God is doing and wants to do here. Then we drove by Matatu to sidindi and from there mounted 3 trusty border borbers and off in the bush we went. 15 minutes latter we where dropped at the church we will be teaching at on Monday. We then walked on some of the most beautiful trails  I have ever seen. We meet the friendliest people washing clothes in the streams and watering cattle. I have come to love the name MAZUNGU kswiahle for white man. I would compare this place to the closest thing to garden of Eden.
We ate some of the sweetest bananas and sweet potatoes like I have never seen in the states. The rural folk made us feel as if we were long lost family. I think we have found a place in heaven. I think I have LUO BLOOD in me now.

Uganda training

The leadership training in Kampala has gone very well. We taught 100 leaders and works on the skills of problem solving and biblical authority. A pastor of 30 years said: he wishes he has these teachings 20 years ago. There churches and country would be much different today.
Tomorrow we head to Uganja Kenya to prepare for 4 days of training there. Keep us in you prayers.