My phone

You wake of a day and frown at your phone, not knowing if todays news will bring chills to the bone. You push it and poke to wake it up, hoping that this days news won’t make you throw up. With intrepidation and hope of news you grab it so thight, you look at the screen with a wentz and fright . Then With joy and relief you thank God most high, you see your family is all safe for the night.

For the last month most every morning has been grim, but with Father’s help I still keep my grin! Life can and will get ruff, but it’s our faith in Jesus that makes us very tuff! So when you think it would be better to just let go, it is the things you go thru that make you so.

Pain and hurt feels like a bottomless pit, but Father’s love fills deep to the soul. That poke and push you you feel is God calling to say “I GOT THIS” So hold His hand and follow His plan, then no matter what the phone says you can stand!

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