Nervous day!

This is one of those days. With all the things happening around the world and in our own country, my day starts like this…

       Get to the airport, walk to the waiting area, three people in full Burkas. They are eyeballing everyone getting on the plane and 6 guys with then.
       Get to TSA, 4 of the six are stopped with large amounts of liquid in their carry on’s. TSA makes them put in check bags. They argue that is is nothing. TSA dose not give in (good job Joplin TSA).
Even in my little town of Joplin this
       They get through TSA and jump on their phones as if complaining or debriefing with some one on the security here!?!?
       This is America!! Show your face or get of the plane. Its not a religious thing, is security thing. Deal with it..
We may be playing Cowboys and muslims soon..
Just sayin.

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