Religion – Fears back door to your life.

Religion- fears back door into the life of the believer.

         Religion brings rules, which sets presidence over the people.
The people then start focusing on what they Do or Dont do for you as the leaders. You inadvertently take there foucus off of God and they start foucusing on you.
People become more concerned about what you the leaders or other church people think and become FEARFULL of upsetting or failing you.
         Fearfull of what others think about them, fearfull of weather the leaders would approve of what they are doing or not doing.
Fearfull that they have offended someone with what they have said or not said.
          God did not give us a spirit off fear, but Love, power and a sound mind.
Fear is not of God, but from the enemy,  so why do we rule thru fear instead of leading by relationship thru Christ??????
Religion makes Rulers, relationship builds leaders
Just sayin.

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